Friday 5 Favorites 1/15/2021

Houston top fashion blogger LuxMommy shares the weeks Friday 5 favorites

Happy Friday my loves!! I’ve been playing catch up all week, not sure I am doing the best job but I am trying….lol. Who else is struggling to get back to a normal routine?! Let’s be honest, I’ve been struggling for going on a year. This whole quarantine has really got me in a mood. I am trying my best to snap out of it. I’ve felt a lot more like myself this week so now let’s hope I can get caught up. We are finally taking Christmas down today. It’s a little embarrassing that it’s still up..haha. I can’t be the only one?! Okay, enough about me, let’s get to this weeks Friday 5 favorites!



Cozy Lounge Pants

I am pretty sure most of us have been living in lounge pants for the last year and these are one of my fav brands. They are super soft, wash and dry well and just fit great. I have some in smalls and mediums. The mediums are perfect for lounging at home and the smalls are great for styling too. So, I’d say they run tts.

Makeup/Skincare Headband

I’ve been all about the makeup headbands lately and this makeup/skincare headband is my newest. It’s super soft and stretchy. Perfect for protecting your hair while you are washing your face or applying makeup. Oh, and it’s ONLY $6.99!

Milk Frother

I am trying to do more chai tea at home to limit my sugar intake so I recently bought this milk frother to froth my milk/creamer. It’s amazing! It has 4 settings to make 2 different froths, cold foam and a heat setting to warm milk or water for tea.

Eye Cream

I shared on stories that I recently bought this eye cream and have been using it. It’s an oldie obsession that I finally had to get after many years of loving it. It’s a game changing eye cream and totally splurge worthy.

Oversized Hoodie

Can’t forget to mention this oversized hoodie. It’s sure to be on repeat for you. I’ve been wearing it non-stop this past week. I will throw it on at the end of the day when I want to cozy up to watch tv or read a book. If you loved an oversized hoodie, this is a must.


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