Friday 5 Favorites 4/16/2021

Happy Friday friends! I am feeling like a total slacker lately but trust me it’s not because I don’t want to be creating more content. I’ve just got a lot going on. As soon as I can get back to my weekly routine I will! Let’s go ahead and dive into the favorites of the week!!



Blow dry  Brush

This is my new hair styling must have tool. This Blow Dry brush is seriously AMAZING!! It creates so much volume and smoothness. I also feel like it’s a lot more gentle on my hair than other similar blow dry brushes available. It’s a must have for re-styling hair if you don’t wash your hair everyday too!


Every time I show me getting ready I get a ton of questions about my concealer. This concealer is my favorite. I’ve been using it for about two year I think and I still highly recommend it. The formula is perfect for the under eye area. It brightens and hydrates which is a must for me.


I also just had to re-share this foundation. It’s a top 3 for me for sure. I honestly wear this one the most. The coverage is great but it still feels really light on the skin. I can create a no-makeup look or go all in and it still works.


All my loungewear lovers, these shorts are for you! They are so lightweight and comfortable making them perfect for warmer weather. BUT, they are such a great wearable length. I am also loving the elastic waist, thank you!! I will totally be styling them with a basic tee and sneakers but love that I can be cute and comfy!

Makeup Remover Pads

I’ve been looking for the perfect makeup remover pads, something that I could wash and reuse and these are perfect. I use one to remove my makeup with my cleansing balm and they work so well. They are very gentle on my skin too!


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