Friday 5 Favorites 4/24/2020

Happy Friday y’all! It’s been a crazy week, am I right?! It’s funny to say I am ready for the weekend, since everyday feels like the weekend, BUT I am so ready for the Who else?! Okay, let’s get to this weeks Friday Five Favorites!


Ice Roller

1. I have been using this ice roller a  lot lately. It feels so relaxing and cooling but it also helps with puffiness. You know the side effects from those late night bing sessions…haha. Get this, it helps, trust me!

Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzer

2. I shared this cream bronzer in my recent Get Ready With Me video. I am loving it y’all! The formula is amazing and this color is perfection. Plus the name is so cute, shade “Butta Biscuit!”

Essential Oil Diffuser

3. Y’all know how much I love my essential oils. This is by far my favorite diffuser every. I let it run 24/7 , it requires ZERO water and you can customize the settings. I currently have this one in my living room and it smells up the entire first floor. It’s a must have y’all!

Gel Eye Patches

4. Another new skincare fav! I am loving these under eye patches. I actually keep them in my night stand and mask while I am watching tv in bed or working on my computer. It’s made a huge difference in my area when I wake up the next morning.

Active Serum

5. I found a new serum that I’ve incorporated into my skincare routine. It leaves this tingling sensation that makes me feel like it’s working. I am only about a week in, but I am loving it so far. The ingredients are amazing and when I saw the reviews I had to order it. I will keep you posted on how it is working out longer term for sure.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Make sure to share some of your current favs in the comments below!


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