Houston, We Have a Problem

Houston, we have a problem. Okay, I have to admit I’ve been dying to say that since I bought this sweater…lol. But, seriously, I am in love with this easy casual look. I forgot how comfy these sneakers are, I haven’t worn them in forever. I’ve been sharing a lot of casual outfits lately, which you guys have been loving. This one also happens to be so affordable. The sweater is $14 and the jeans are like $12! What?!?! Seriously, no joke and I love them both!


Sweater – Medium | Jeans – size up | Shoes – size down | Necklace | Phone Case | Handbag

We tried out this new juice place recently, it’s called Main Squeeze. Well, I ended up going  two days in a row, so it’s safe to say I liked it. I also tried my first acai bowl and it was delicious. I got stuck in an VERY unhealthy rut over the holidays, so I really need to get back on track. My biggest struggle is motivation to get to the gym and giving into my cravings. Send help…lol.

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  1. Target & Walmart🙌🏼Definitely cannot go wrong with either stores both pieces are perfect. Love all of the pictures 💗💗💗and I have to say the Açaí Bowl looks so 😋🙌🏼