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Thank you to the follower that requested this post, it was such a great idea I had to get it up asap. We’ve been cooking, eating, snacking, all the kitchen things way more lately…am I right?! You know I am. So, I had to share my top 10 kitchen favorites with y’all. Some are new some are old favorites, but they are all new must haves for me. Check them out below! Let me know some of your favorite kitchen items in the comments!


Wood Tray

1. I recently bought this tray and I love it. It can be used as decor or a practical serving tray. I used it for movie night for all my snacks. It comes in silver tone handles too if you want to match your hardware!

Cake Stand

2. I get asked about this stand all the time. I use it next to my sink for all my soaps, paper towels and hand lotion. It looks great and keeps everything in one spot, which is my main goal after all. This area gets a ton of traffic so organization is a must and this keeps this area organized daily.

6-in-1 Food Choppers

3. This little chopper is a must have, especially with kiddos. I pull it out often and it’s so easy even the boys use it all the time. I should probably order a second one because ours is used so much.

Water Kettle

4. Y’all know I love my tea so a kettle is a must have in my kitchen. I bought this one well over a year ago and it’s still going strong. It heats up water for tea, hot chocolate, soup, etc so quickly. It’s easy to fill and clean. If you love tea, this is a must have.

Air Fryer

5. When you’ve got kiddos quick meals are a go to and this air fryer has been a life saver for us. It’s so easy to use and cleans up easily too. I am not big on kitchen gadgets, yes I have them, but the clean up is almost always a pain…this one is not. It’s practical in more ways than one. You can cook anything in it y’all, anything!

Dog Bowls

6. This isn’t really a kitchen item per say, but they do stay in my kitchen and I love them so I had to share. I have two sets of these bowls for the dogs and I LOVE THEM!! I know dog bowls shouldn’t be a big deal but they can be when you have FOUR dogs and they all eat differently. These have been the only dog bowls that work for all four of the dogs.

Fruit/Veggie Baskets

7. I get asked about these baskets all the time. They sit on our counter and are the holder of all fruits and veggies that don’t go in the refrigerator. I actually don’t typically like a lot on the counters but these baskets work and don’t look bad at all. They almost work as decor when the baskets are filled with fresh fruits and veggies. The size is also perfect for stacking two right under the upper cabinets. Oh and so affordable for both.

Knife Block

8. This is a new thing on my counter and I LOVE THEM!! They are so chic and cute. I don’t know how a knife set can be cute but these are. And, they are so sharp! Some of the sharpest knives I’ve ever used.

Water Bottle

9. Another new item for me is this $17 water bottle. If you are looking to keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day this is perfect. It’s 84 oz which is basically what most women need daily. It has time markers so you can stay on track and it’s DISHWASHER SAFE!! Yep, I’ve even tried it and it is!!!

Egg Cooker

10. Last but not least is a long time favorite. This egg cooker is amazing for quick boiled eggs. I love boiled eggs for breakfast with a little bit of salt and pepper. You can also poach and do omelettes if you want to try something different. I don’t keep mine on the counter but it’s very compact so you could if you want to.


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