50 Things To Do At Home With Kids

 Hey Y’all! With everyone being at home so much right now, I thought I’d share 50 things to do at home with kids! It can be tricky to with come up with things for the kids to do right now so I hope this list helps y’all out! I’ve got something for everybody. Let me know which you end up trying. Let’s get started!


Play Board Games

1. This one is pretty simple but it can be so much fun. Spend some time playing board games either as a family or as a way to keep them busy while you get some work done.

Build A Fort

2. Building a fort is so quick and easy and kids love it. You can do it so many different ways too. You can use blankets, pillows, chairs, couch cushions, you name it. It also allows them to be creative!

Movie Night

3. I am a big fan of movie nights. This can be an ongoing activity too. Each person can take turns picking a movie and you can spread it out over time. Make some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch or in bed.

Create an Obstacle Course

4. Create an obstacle course in your backyard or in your house if you have space. You could even call it the backyard Olympics. Use whatever you have on hand to create different obstacles and time them or let them race.

Scavenger Hunt

5. A scavenger hunt could be done inside or outside as well. Hide things around the house or yard and create a list or clues for them to find everything. You could even create riddles they have to solve to help them find what is on the scavenger hunt.


6. Coloring is such a fun pass time! They can color or draw whatever they want or you can give them prompts of what to draw. This is a great activity when they need some downtime. We like to do drawing contests. We don’t pick a winner we just point out what we like in each drawing.


7. Crafts may require some additional supplies or getting creative but it can be so much fun. You could use noodles and make macaroni necklaces or houses out of popsicle sticks. Amazon has tons of craft kits you can check out here.

Play hide and seek

8. Hide and Seek is such a classic so I had to include it This is another one you can play as a family or have the kids play on their own. It can be so much fun to place as a family because kids can get really creative with their hiding spaces.

Bake Something

9. Kids love to bake and there are so many options. You can bake a cake, cookies, a pie, brownies, whatever you want! And once it is done you will have something to eat for snack time.

Dress up in nice clothes and have a “fancy” dinner

10. This sounds like so much fun to me. Since things are so crazy right now this can give the kids and the whole family something to look forward to. Act like you are going to a nice dinner, get dressed up and head to the dining room or kitchen table.

Have An At Home Picnic In The Backyard

11. Pack a lunch and take it into the backyard. Grab a blanket or a couple of towels and relax and eat outside. It can be nice to get out of the house even if it is just in your backyard or outside area.

Workout As A Family

12. We love doing this together. Y’all know we love to go on bike rides together so working out as a family could be a really fun activity. You could do yoga, go on a walk around the neighborhood or go on a bike ride. It can be hard to be active right now so doing it together makes it feel a little less like a workout.

Play With Sidewalk Chalk

13. Head outside and draw on the driveway or sidewalk with some chalk. This is another great way to get some fresh air and get out of the house. I also think it could help brighten someones day. So many people are out taking walks and seeing some colorful sidewalk chalk could make them happy.

Have Breakfast In Bed

14. This would be a great way to start the day! Make them breakfast in bed or have them climb into your bed and eat in bed with you. You could watch a morning cartoon or something too!

Have a Tea Party

15. This is another thing you could do inside or outside. Make tea and little sandwiches and eat them at the table or have a tea party in the backyard. You could even dress up for this one too.

Do A Puzzle

16. Puzzles are something that could be spread out over a few days. Spending a bit a time on it each day and it will be done by the end of the week or so depending on how many pieces. This is another thing that could be done as a family or own their own.

Make A Scrapbook

17. This would be a great thing to do together. You can go through photos and pick out which ones y’all want to put in the book. It will be great to look back on in the future too.

Have A Music Night

18. Music Night is a lot like movie night! Take turns picking the music and play it while you are cooking dinner or eating or doing a family activity like a puzzle or a board game.

Write Letters To Family Or Friends

19. This is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends right now. There is something so exciting and personal about getting a letter and they could start writing them back and forth like pen pals.

Have A Dance Party

20. We LOVE to have dance parties at our house! You could double this up with a music night and have dance party to whatever music is picked that night. It is fun and a great way to get some wiggles out.

Take a Bubble Bath

21. Bubble Baths are a great way to end the day! They can play in the bath with toys and bubbles for awhile before getting ready for bed.

Make Your Own Popsicles

22. This is a such a fun and easy at home DIY. You can use an ice cube tray or check out some molds from Walmart. You can use whatever you want to make the flavors and making them is an activity and then eating them when they are frozen is another.

 Make slime

23. Kids LOVE slime! There are tons of youtube videos on how to make slime and most of them use household items. You can also check out this link on how to make Fluffy Slime.

 Check Out The Virtual Aquarium And Museum Tours (Georgia Aquarium)

24. A lot of places like museums and aquariums are doing virtual tours which I think is so much fun. The Georgia Aquarium has tons of live views you can check out here. Check out this link for some famous museums that are offering virtual tours.

Family TikToks

25. TikTok is so popular right now. Start a family TikTok or learn some of the dances as a family. The kids will have so much fun watching y’all dance with them.

 Clean Out Closets Or Bedrooms

26. This is productive thing to do! Clean out their closets or their bedrooms of old toys and clothes that don’t fit! You could even turn it into a fashion show to have them try on things to see if they still fit or not.

 Play Charades

27. Charades is another classic game and this one you can totally make up your own categories! Write them down on a piece of paper and stick them in a bowl. It can be fun to see what the kids come up with.

Play Dress-Up

28. Playing dress-up can be such good entertainment. Play with dress up clothes or let them dress up in your clothes. They can pretend to be whoever they want!

 Create Chores Bingo

29. This is another productive one with a fun twist. Create a bingo board and each space is a chore they have to do. When they get a bingo they can win a prize or reward of some sort.

 Spend Time Reading

30. The boys love to read! This is a great way for them to have some down time and relax but still do something fun and educational!

Paint With Shaving Cream In The Bath

31. Another way to make bath time fun is to paint with shaving cream. You can put the shaving cream in an ice cube tray or muffin tins and add some food coloring. They can paint all over the tile and the tub and it will just rise right off.

Make Homemade Play-Doh

32. Making Play-Doh at home would be so much fun! There are tons of different recipes out there but this YouTube Video seems super simple. Let me know if any of y’all try this out. I want to know how it goes.

Have An At Home Spa Day

33. This one is something I may just have to do for myself. Have an at home spa day with your little ones. You can do manicures, pedicures and face masks. Everyone needs a nice day of pampering right now.


34. Gardening is another way to get outside. Have them help you dig holes for some new plants or seeds. Maybe they will develop a green thumb.

Lego Challenges

35. The boys LOVE legos! Have a lego challenge where you give them certain things to build and maybe a time frame to build it. Then you can score it or have a judge to pick the winner.

Play With Water (sensory bin, play in the sprinklers)

36. Play with water inside or outside. If you are staying inside create a sensory bin. Here is a link to some water sensory bin set ups. Or have them play outside in the sprinklers or with the hose.

Have An At Home Car Wash

37. Start an at home car wash! Have them put on their swimsuits and start washing your cars. You may have to help them out a bit but they get some fun time outside and you get a clean car.

Have a Pillow Fight

38. Pillow fights are yet another classic kid activity. There are so many laughs that happen during a pillow fight. It is a great way to get your mind off of things too.

Play or Teach Them Card Games

39. Play Go-Fish or teach them how to play a different card game. Slap Jack is easy to learn or teach them crazy eights. Cards are another thing you can all play together.


40. Finger-Painting is great for all ages. Set up a little pain station and give them some paper and paint. If you have younger kids you can contain the mess by putting the pain on a piece of paper or cardboard and taping some sort of clear plastic around it. Then they can smash it all they want without getting it all over themselves.

Do A Science Expertement

41. There are so many options when it comes to doing at home science experiments. A classic is the mentos in a diet coke bottle but be sure to do that one outside. Check out this link with tons of easy ones to do with household items!

Play a Trivia Game

42. Play a trivia game with them. You could even have them make up their own trivia questions and you can do the same. It will get their brain working and they will be learning.

 Make Mud Pies

43. This one goes hand in hand with the gardening. Make some mud pies in the backyard. All you need is water and dirt and whatever they want to top their pie off with like rocks or flowers.

Build Paper Airplanes And Have A Flying Contest

44. Teach them how to make paper airplanes and then have contests for different things. See which plane can fly the longest, farthest or the one that can do a loop.

Learn Magic Tricks

45. Have them learn some magic tricks! Here is a video with 5 Magic Tricks that kids can do. They will be so excited to show you and everyone else what they learned.

Learn How To Braid Hair

46. There are so many different ways to braid hair and it can take a bit to learn how to do it. Check out some youtube videos on the types of braids they want to do and have them practice a bit each day. They will be a master braider in no time.

Make A Pizza

47. Homemade pizza is a great activity and you get a meal out of it. Set up a pizza making station with toppings they like and then pop them in the over. Here is a kid-size pizza recipe but you could easily find a different one on google.

Cartwheel Competition

48. Have a family cartwheel competition! Take turns doing the cartwheel and score them out of 10. Watching everyone attempt to do a cartwheel especially if they haven’t done one in awhile will bring so many laughs.

Karaoke Party

49. Karaoke Party! YouTube really has everything. They have tons of karaoke videos, you could probably find whatever song you wanted. Put the video up on the tv or a laptop and have a karaoke party right in your living room.

Make Ice Cream In A Bag

50. Lastly, making your own Ice Cream is so much fun. Have them make this super simple ice cream in a bag recipe. It is only 5 ingredients and takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

I hope these ideas help y’all out some. If you have any other ideas put them in the comments below so everyone can see them. We are all in this together. Stay Safe Y’all!


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  1. Omg at home car wash .. GENIUS , the dress up and have a fancy dinner was a fave too ! Loved this post

  2. Great post! We love spa days at home, we always do our nails and put on face masks.
    Love the idea of a backyard pic nic! Thanks for the ideas! Xoxo