8 Closet Basics to Stock Up on NOW(it’s all on sale)

It’s a new week y’all. How are you doing out there? I know this may sound weird because you’ve always been “out there” but I feel like I miss y’all. I don’t know how to explain it. It feels like we are a little more disconnected. Maybe it’s because we are all going through things and stressing or in our heads or whatever it is, but I miss you! Maybe it’s my own “in my head” issue because I’ve been home everyday isolated. Yes, we get out for groceries or take out but that is it. This new normal is taking a while to get used to that’s for sure. Okay, enough about that. I just had to share what I am feeling with y’all.

I thought I’d share a few things that I am reaching for non-stop lately…closet basics. What’s great about these closet basics is they are essential right now but also just in general. I am pretty sure everything is also ON SALE!! Check out my top 8 picks below!!



This is basically a snapshot of my go to everyday outfits. Basic tees, lounge pants and sneakers. Oh and you can’t forget bralettes. These are on sale and one of my favs. It’s been this or jammies basically everyday. Comfort is key whether you are working from home, a stay at home mom or spending your day home schooling the kiddos. What have you been lounging in all day at home?

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