Luxury Sneakers Worth the Money

Luxury Sneakers Worth the Money

Happy Tuesday everybody! I’ve been so excited to share these new sneakers with y’all. I’ve been loving a more casual vibe lately. Just for reference…I have these Gucci sneakers and a pair of Golden Goose sneakers to compare. So, I thought I’d do a little review and first impressions of the three pairs that I have. I’ve been on the hunt for the most comfortable luxury sneaker and I think I found it

Golden Goose Sneakers

Okay, so I have to admit I’ve only worn these twice but that’s because they hurt so bad. Now, I want to also say…I’ve asked several golden goose lovers and they admit that there was a break in period, so I am hopeful. IMO, there shouldn’t be a break in period for sneakers. THEY ARE SNEAKERS! Sneakers should be comfortable from the start especially lifestyle sneakers, scratch that….all sneakers should be comfortable from the start. I love the look of the golden goose. They have a huge variety to choose from, but expect there may be a break in period. They also have a hidden wedge. It’s not very big but it’s built in to the insole. This makes the shoe not feel as secure on the foot and I find it impossible to wear socks with them. I’ve heard people will remove the original sole and add in an insert so they can wear socks. I may try that at some point. Since, I’ve already purchased mine and worn them I can’t return them so I will be wearing them. I am going to work to get past the break in period and hopefully enjoy them. When they get to that point, I will let you know.

Gucci Ace Sneakers

Next up are my Gucci ace sneakers. These remind me more of a bowling shoe. They have a lot more length on the front of the foot. I am not sure if that makes sense. They are very versatile and feel very secure on the foot. New out of the box they are stiff but not uncomfortable at all. Wearing a sock is so easy and stays hidden, I wear these. I enjoy wearing these and they have gotten more comfortable with wear. Keep in mind, I’ve had these the longest and have worn these a ton of times. I highly recommend these. I also like this style here. Just GO DOWN A FULL SIZE. They run huge.

P448 Sneakers

My #1 luxury sneakers are these P448 sneakers. I have them in the white and love them. They are comfortable right out of the box and look so cute on the foot. Just like GG they have a ton of styles from white to pink glitter all over. They are also terry lined making a sock optional(I am not wearing any). I’ve only had these for a little over a week but I’ve reached for them almost daily even for a quick errand out the door. I love that they look worn but not overly done, but that also depends on the style you go for. That’s why I like this style in white. They are also half the price of the GG and Gucci sneakers.

Which pair is on your wishlist? I love them all for different reasons. For instance, I love the look of the Golden Goose, the style element of the Gucci’s and the comfort and relaxed feel of the P448. With that said, if I had to choose one pair to keep, it would be these. The style, comfort and overall look is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a luxury sneaker. Which pair is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. 


Whether you are looking for luxury or affordable sneakers, check out Nordstrom. They have the best on trend and classic styles available. Check out this selection(and more) from Nordstrom here. On another note, you need these joggers y’all. They are so comfortable. They run a little big, I am wearing an XS. The material is so soft. I also am loving this lighter weight turtleneck. It’s soft and cozy but not too heavy for our Texas winter.


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Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s blog post.


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  1. I am so glad I read this. I’ve been debating what pair of luxury sneakers I want to purchase and now I think I’m going to pass on the GG ones. The P448 might be the pair I try first. Thanks Amanda!

  2. I bought my first pair of GG sneakers a few months ago. Found a few styles on sale and ordered three pairs in two different sizes. The pair I kept was the larger size which happened to be one of the already distressed looking pairs, which I had never really been a fan of. These were lightly distressed and I decided to keep because I had never had such a comfortable pair of sneakers before. That extra wedge/support in the heel is amazing. Anyway, not sure if the distressing automatically softens the leather or because I went up a size, but I did have to try a few pairs to find the perfect one.

  3. Originally I was looking at the Gucci Ace but recently I have found myself tied between buying the P448 or the Axel Arigato Clean 90.

  4. I just got a pair of the P448 in size 36 ( I am also a true 6.5) and I love the style! Do you find that your heel slip out a bit without socks? I also tried wearing them with Stance no-show socks, and they were better, but also seemed to pull the sock heel down. It felt a little snug at the front ( I have medium width feet), did your shoes stretch out a bit after wearing them awhile? Thanks so much! Love your YouTube videos!