10 Ways to Be Happy

I recently did a blog post(21 Ways to Relax at Home) and y’all loved it. So, I thought I’d sprinkle more lifestyle posts on the blog. Y’all just keep me posted. If you want more lifestyle here on the blog I will keep up it. In today’s blog post I want to share 10 ways to be happier. I think in life we have this idea what happiness looks like. The big house, nice car, closet full of designer things but in reality happiness has nothing to do with that. These are 10 things that I myself work on daily to be a happier me.

1 – Make Time for Yourself. This one is huge y’all. No matter what is it you do in life we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves. For most of us our days are filled with work, getting kids ready for school or activities, doing homework, making lunches and dinners, taking care of the pets, maintaining the house and the list goes on. We end the day to do the same routine again the next day, with love of course. Whether it is once a week or once a month, so something you love. Go shopping with a friend, grab lunch with a neighbor or go get a massage. Find the time to re-charge your battery.

2 – Find Good in Others and Tell Them. This might sound silly but it really works y’all. Try to give out compliments daily. Maybe it’s your barista at Starbucks, the waiter at lunch or the cashier at the grocery store. Say something nice. The smile on their face will give you a little jolt of happiness right back.

3 – Get Enough Sleep. My sleeping schedule has always been a struggle. Any other night owls out there? My brain just won’t stop but I also know when I get my 8 hours I am a much happier person. I actually started using the bedtime app on my phone which helps. If I don’t get enough sleep I get headaches. When I get headaches I feel horrible. When I feel horrible I get cranky. Cranky Amanda is no fun. I would be willing to bet anyone cranky is no fun, so let’s all work on our sleep.

4 – Exercise. The thing about exercise is it’s not one size fits all. You have to find what works for you. I like to switch it up from time to time but the important thing is to do it. Whether it’s a 3o minute walk after dinner, a bike ride with the family or an intense HIIT workout….do something. It is proven that exercise releases endorphins which make up happy. Get active, do something.

5 – Spend Time With People You Love. This is a no brainer y’all but something we often forget to do. See #1. We are busy, I get it but make time to spend a little time with people you love and who love you back. Being surrounded by loving supportive people will always make you happier.

6 – Get Some Fresh Air. This works wonders, for me at least. There is something so refreshing about breathing fresh air. Take the dogs for a walk, put on some head phones and listen to your favorite music while you walk around the block. My head feels so much clearer when I am outside.

7 – Be Grateful for the Little Things. Try to find something every day to be grateful for. Maybe it was the short line at Starbucks when you were running late or that your favorite candle was on sale when you went to restock. Just find gratitude daily. When you are more grateful for your life and where you are at you will find happiness in every day.

8 – Stop Comparing Yourself. This is huge y’all, huge. Especially in today’s world with social media. It needs to stop. Stop looking at social media and comparing yourself to others. Whether you are comparing your life or comparing yourself physically it isn’t healthy. Social media is highly filtered, not just physically filtered with filters…lol, but also in reality. You see one photo a day and that is it. My life isn’t a pretty picture. It’s filled with cleaning up pet messes, doing laundry, making school lunches, checking homework and disciplining. It’s life y’all. Nobodies life is perfect. We are all going through something behind the scenes. Be grateful for your life and where you are. You only grow when you are grateful for where you are right now.

9 – Be Present. This is another big one y’all. Being present is how you get all those memories that will make you laugh and cry later. Those are the memories that create and tell your life story. Don’t miss it.

10 – Volunteer or Give. My personal favorite and where I find a lot of my happiness is in giving. Doing for others doesn’t always have to be a financial thing. Volunteer at a local charity. Make it a family thing. I love taking my boys with me to volunteer. It makes my heart happy. Giving is so important. Whether it’s time, money or donating your things…. giving is how we make a difference.


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  1. The biggest challenge in today’s digital is I find is being present in the moment .. putting the away and actually enjoying ere you are . It my new promise to myself for 2020