Mini Closet Tour


Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a nice week, it has been rainy and cold the last few days in Houston but we are finally getting some sunshine today! I’ve had so many requests to do an updated closet tour on my youtube channel, but I don’t feel like I have made enough changes to do a full video. There has definitely been a few changes since my last closet tour so I wanted to share a few photos of what has changed.

Since my last closet tour, I moved all my shoes to the same wall. I like the look of them all in the same area and it’s easier to see what I have. I do have a few of my sneakers and slides on the adjacent wall, but they are all in the same area. My handbags used to be displayed throughout the shoes but they are now on the other side of my closet. I basically switched my jeans and handbags and moved the shoes all to the same general area. The clear tray and drawer on the dresser is where I keep my handbag essentials and my belts. Y’all know I love to switch handbags a lot so I keep all my handbag essentials where I can easily grab them and throw them into whatever bag I am using.

I hope y’all enjoyed this little peak into my closet! It’s small changes but I think it’s made the closet more functional. Do y’all have a specific way you keep your closet organized? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. You are the best!!!
    Creatief, inspiering and full of positief energie!!!
    I l❤ve to watch all your video’s!!!