Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (What I Bought) + $250 NORDSTROM GIVEAWAY

It’s here y’all….the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR and OMG I have so many goodies to share with y’all. Here is everything I’ve purchased so far. Yes, I will be going back for more. It’s just too good not to stock up on stuff. I will be going back for Christmas gifts and some school clothes for the boys.

Check out what I’ve bought so far from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

.Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Tops, featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy

There were so many great essentials again this year for the sale. I got the cami in two colors, the thermal in two colors and the striped tee in 4 colors. The v-neck sweater is the softest thing ever and that cowl neck is seriously EVERYTHING!!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Jackets & Cardigans, featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy

I was most excited about cardigans, because well they are cardigans….who else?!? I seriously love me some cardigans so I got several of those. I couldn’t decide between the two animal prints, so I got both. I also love the grey pocket cardigan, it’s so cozy. And whatever you do, please don’t walk away without getting a BFD cardigan. Trust me, you will fall in love.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Bottoms and Shoes, featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy

I only snagged four pair of shoes my first round, but don’t worry, I will be placing an order online too. These were just MUST HAVES so I grabbed them right away. These studded loafers are the most comfortable shoes EVER, yes I’ve already worn them. I can’t get over these oxfords and these sneakers are my new favorites. Oh, and if you’ve never bought these faux leather leggings, what are you waiting on. They are a steal for the sale, get you some!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Beauty and Accessories, featured by top US fashion blog, LuxMommy

One of my favorite parts about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the beauty buys. There were so many good ones this year. This is an area you can buy for yourself and others. Think…teacher gifts, Christmas gifts, secret Santa, stocking stuffer, hostess gifts, etc, You’re going to want to stock up on a few of these to have on hand for those last minute gift needs. I had to snag this lip tint set. It’s also the perfect time to stock up on beauty blenders. This mini palette is too perfect. But, my fav of the beauty sets it this Mario Badescu set for only $23!



Now that we’ve all shopped and dropped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!! I am giving away a $250 gift card to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on me!! Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. Great basic finds, thank you so much for sharing these i have added them to my shoptagger so that i can shop on the 12th when my access starts

  2. I usually spend all of my money on clothes and shoes and never make it to other departments. I do have my eye on the CozyChic ‘In the Wild’ Throw Blanket this time!

  3. Every single time this girl knocks it out of the park w her YouTube videos and vlogs . This blog is my fav ????

  4. I’m obsessed with that leopard pleated skirt!!! Those chunky sweaters look so cozy too. Shame it doesn’t get so cold here in South Florida.

  5. OMG I can’t believe how much you tried on. Thanks for all the inspiration you gave me and for making my shopping list grow lol.

  6. I love that bare foot dreams sweater you had on at the end of your video!!! I am glad to see plaid is still in for fall 19!!!!!

  7. So many great pieces, especially the green sweater & leopard cardigan????????. Thank you for making such a thorough NSale Vlog.

  8. I loved your pics! I find our style the most similar and you always find the cutest stuff for us short girls!

  9. This was the most thorough video!!! Thank you for your dedication to spend over 6 hours finding excellent pieces and whatever amount of time to create the blogpost and YT video! You are such a Shining Star!

  10. Hi Amanda, love everything! Next time I want to go shopping with you ☺️
    Thanks so much for sharing and for the amazing giveaway! ????????

  11. Up so quickly and so professionally done. My go to for the Anniversary sale! Thanks Amanda!! I’m so excited to pick up so many of these tomorrow ❤️

  12. Lovely haul, thanks for sharing.. for sure I will be buying some of ur picks when it’s open to the public…

  13. This will be my first Nordstrom’s sale and I’m super excited. Now to get a card so next year I can get in early! Lol

  14. I would have never thought of looking at those camel oxfords but they are soooo cute!! Thanks girl!!

  15. Thank you for sharing and for doing the giveaway! It is so nice to have so many reviews on these sales. It is so hard to decide on what to get and your videos always makes the decisions so much easier! 😀

  16. Love the detail of the items in the video and post. I appreciate having easy access to the items that I want to purchase. I love the sale but it can also get a bit overwhelming for me. This helps me so much!

  17. Love love the items you shared!! The white leopard print sweater is my fave thus far!!!

  18. I always love your content so much and this didn’t disappoint! So many great Nsale finds!!!!

  19. Never followed anyone else’s blog but yours! Love the sale list for Nordstorm as per usual. ???? Entering the giveaway! Cause I wanna shop tooo????

  20. Amazing choices I love everything you shows I have a similar taste like you thank you so much for always keep you followers updated on fashion, skin care and more ????

  21. I have been looking forward to this post all week! I have my list and ready to start shopping for tomorrow!

  22. Love your style ! All great recommendations ! I would love to win the giveaway ! To help this mama get ready for another baby that’s cooking !

  23. You have such a cute style! I have already added some things to my cart from your video. Thank you, your pretty awesome!

  24. By far your YouTube video was my favorite! I can only imagine how much work it is! However I am so appreciative – thank you Amanda ????

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your likes I love to watch videos to see your picks you gives me so many good ideas I also love to see you style the clothing thank you so much 🙂

  26. This is such a detail vlog and I love how easy you make it to shop for us. Thank you for everything you do! I hope to win the gift card!

  27. Love everything you purchased !! On my shopping list will be the Jo Malone fragrance set, high boots for Fall/winter, active wear and cute casual tops. Maybe I’ll get something for hubby too… if he’s a good boy????

  28. You have such nice outfits. You inspire me in so many days. I will definitely stop by and get me a few things.

  29. I have never shopped at nordstrom ever too expensive for me….so it would be awesome if I win…. thanks for doing this giveaway and giving me the opportunity to dream of shopping there and probably online cuz we don’t have that store where I live
    Thanks again

  30. You have such great taste, loved all of your recommendations., as always great video. This year I’m definitely shopping the sale.

  31. You have such good taste and I loved your pics! Really am loving the long sweaters! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Can’t wait to shop on the 12th! Definitely getting that Charlotte Tilbury palette and a few other goodies. You always have the best hauls 🙂

  33. I just love all that you show in the video, Nordstrom is amazing. Its the firts place that im gonna visit , when im go to USA

  34. So many beautiful sweaters! Shopping isn’t in the budget for this year, but I’m going to start saving for next year and use the money to reward myself on my weight loss journey! Love your blog and videos! #fellowtexan

  35. Decisions Decisions. Im soo ready. Loved all your outfits. Thank you for showing merch prior to tomorrow

  36. Such a great selection of items. I’m definitely loving all the cardigans, sweaters and beauty items.

  37. Love your picks, I already see several items I will be picking up myself – great pics!! Hope you do your YT video showing your purchases….have a great day – DJ

  38. Can’t wait to shop! I applied for the card online so I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for it to come so I can shop!

  39. Love all of your picks!! Give me all the sweaters and cardigans- especially the Wubby Fleece!! And boots!!! ????

  40. I’m fairly new to watching your videos. I love them and now I’m hooked. I live in upstate NY. We do not have a Nordstrom anywhere near. I do however have a daughter that lives in Ohio. Fifteen minutes away from Kenwood mall, with a Nordstrom! ???? I leave tomorrow morning to visit. I am staying for a few weeks. I’m making my Nordstrom wish list. You have helped me add to it!!!????

  41. Love your Blog! I refer back to it many times for your outfit tips and other goodies. Fellow Houstonian here, so your recs for clothes are so on point for our weather! Happy Shopping! Keep the recs coming! Did they have the silk pillowcases by chance?

  42. Thank you for uploading this so quick! I love your picks!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these. I would love to see more beauty products.

  43. I don’t want to be a copy cat however, you know what they say- imitation is the best form of flatter (or something like that lol). I can’t wait to start shopping tomorrow!

  44. ???????????????? im obsessed with your buys! Im such a sucker for cardigans and sweaters even if im dying of a heat stroke lol my closet is loaded with them and i always need to add more ????????????

  45. Absolutely love everything you picked!! Looked so beautiful and can’t wait to visit the sale!! ❤️

  46. I didn’t know what email I have previously used or what name. Oops! Probably flunked this giveaway!

  47. I love your style. I particular your shoes, jeans, cardigans and make up choices. I am also a neutral girl.

  48. I love your videos so much that when you upload a new one I watch itright away and have nothing to watch afterwards

  49. Wow, thank you for getting all of these recommendations with so much information posted so promptly! I added a bunch to my wishlist, and can’t wait to shop tomorrow! 😀

  50. I always like your picks, so good. I want to pickup the barefoot dreams cardigan and most of all the beauty items. Can’t wait to pick them up tomorrow.

  51. I am sooooo excited to get some new goodies this year. And that new barefoot dreams blanket color in the black grey is a must for me

  52. I love watching your let’s go shopping videos. Hope I win the gift card to get the shopping spree feeling. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family.

  53. Thank you so much for all the guidelines and hard work you out into this blog post regarding the Nordstrom sale❤️❤️!!!!!!!
    Also thank you for the opportunity to win a giveaway!!!!

  54. Apart from what I left on YT as a comment, want to get a pair of the spanx leggings. I’ve also heard about their bras that the put on the NSale and how good they are. Def will check those out! Thanks for sharing your post! I’m super excited!!!

  55. That BP long leopard cardi is to die for! ???? I cant even think of cooler weather now that it’s finally summer up North ????

  56. I am a sucker for cardigans and your picks were definite essentials…cant wait to shop this sale and stock up for fall/winter.

  57. I really enjoy your channel I saw your Nordstrom’s hall last year and I missed a couple of items but this year I’m waking up early and I will be getting a couple of cardigans for sure

  58. Omg you are amazing! You did all that shopping and put the video up on the same day with so much to write on the description! Great video! I loved all the cardigans and sweaters, and that grey coat? STUNNING!!! ????????Thank you for the great content

  59. Omg, you have become one of my favorites to follow/watch. I work in an office, so I love that you include those options as well…and it’s a plus that you’re a Texas girl like me ????

  60. Omg! I’m so here for this sale. Can’t wait to shop! Thank you for sharing your amazing finds – you have the best style!
    Xx- Summer

  61. Was so looking forward to this content! You have wonderful picks – can’t wait to see what else catches your attention!

  62. Loved all the content on the Nordstrom Sale, Amanda! As always, you did outstanding job! I would argue that ANYONE could do better! I have my wishlist ready to go for the sale! Can’t wait! You’re the absolute best! Hugs!

  63. Love your picks would love to win dying for the BFD blanket thanks for the giveaway good luck everyone!

  64. Love love shopping with you and most of all I can’t wait to see you style all your clothes thank you for all the amazing deals and such detail

  65. Thank you for all your hard work you put into the sale so that it makes our lives easier to navigate!

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  69. Your picks are on point! The jeans you selected are must-haves and I’m sure they are going to sell out quick. Thanks for sharing so quickly so I can make my wish-list for the NSale.

  70. I love the basics you chose! I definitely need to add more closet basics to my wardrobe! Can’t wait to shop !!

  71. I couldn’t comment on the youtube video. I liked all the outfits featured. Inspired me to buy some items!

  72. Thanks for the great giveaway – I would love to win this so that I can buy some clothes for work.

  73. I love the black pants and the shoes. They are so cute, and the sweaters for Fall are to die for. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  74. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! There are so many items at Nordstrom that I have my eye on.. So many cute dresses! Have a lovely weekend!

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  76. Thank you for the chance to win an awesome giveaway of clothes that will make me look great over the Summer!

  77. Love how simple yet stylish your picks are!! Love buying staple items from this sale that I can wear all year long.

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  80. I love shopping at Nordstrom, especially during their sale! Thanks for sharing this.

  81. Thank you Amanda for taking so much time to show us all these goodies, I love love love your style and I would buy everything you picked out (if i had the money ????) so i shall restrain myself and get the thermal, cardigans and the hoop earrings you always wear ????????

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    I’m about to spend all my money with this exclusive inside look! ????????????????????????????????????????????

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  87. Wow! Can’t beleive you were there for 6 hours! The try on will really help others to get to the things they really want. Thanks for sharing!

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  97. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!! I would love to be entered in this giveaway! Thank you

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