How To Organize Like a Boss – The Bathroom

I recently shared my bathroom organization video on YouTube and had to share it here on the blog. You guys know I love to organize and am making my way through my house one room at a time here on LuxMommy. I am in love with these canisters for cotton balls, etc. They are acrylic, so no worry about breaking glass. I also love the size and look of this gold tray as a catch all for your daily sink needs. It holds face wash, hand soap, lotion, etc. without looking cluttered. Also, the canisters under the sink are perfect for hair brushes, hair clips or general odds and ends. I ended up getting two. Once for brushes and combs and the other for hair ties and such. I also added this dual mini canister for lint free applicators but would be perfect for lipgloss, etc. I couldn’t be more excited with how these shoe drawers came out in the linen closet. They hold so much. Let me know which room you want to see next. Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

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  1. I would love to see what you have in those makeup drawers I am looking for a video where you show your makeup collection but I can’t find one. it would be nice you film one..would love to see your eyeshadow i see the Urban Decay naked 3 in there?