Black on Black Weekend Vibes

Sweater and leggings, I know so creative…lol. JK!! But seriously, this sweater is so oversized and cozy. I decided to go for black, which is a little different for me, but I love this black on black look. It’s the perfect weekend outfit for running errands or hanging with the family. On another note, these slides are so comfortable. I’ve had a few people ask if they are worth the splurge. I’d say yes and no. You will get a LOT of wear out of them, but you can find similar for cheaper. Though, do they have the rockstuds, do they?

Outfit Details

Sweater – xs | Leggings – xs | Slides | Sunglasses | Earrings | Spike Bracelet | Handbag

I hope you guys had a great weekend. It was rainy and wet here, but still got a lot done. I can’t believe we are already in November. This part of the year goes by way too quickly. I kind of feel like the grinch this year, I don’t feel like decorating for Christmas. I am still going to do a tree of course, but I think I am going to skip everything else. The house isn’t even finished with the regular decorating, I am just not sure I want to holiday decoration an unfinished house. Does that make sense? I guess we will see, once it gets pulled out of the attic I may change my mind. Are you going all out this year for Christmas?

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  1. You look cute! ☺️ I enjoy fall so much????, I do not really want to think about Xmas before December, lol! ????????

  2. I love this look! Omg I feel the same way, I’ll be putting up the tree, but not sure about decorating the house lol
    Have a wonderful week Amanda! ❤️

  3. Hi..I’m not looking forward for Christmas this year. I wish I was. My days are long and loney..but things could be worse. Hugs to you Amanda ????

  4. Go all out every year!!! LOL! I feel like I have to savor every year with my kids. My oldest is 10 and I might get another 10 years out of her before she wants to spend the holidays with significant others. That just resonates with me so much. They are little for such a short amount of time really. XX ~ E

  5. This year definitely flew by and now Christmas shopping begins. I’m looking forward to decorating the tree but I agree with you that’s about all I plan to do this year. So much work and then it takes me forever to pack up all the holiday stuff lol going minimal this year ????????