25 Ways to be Kinder

I’ve always promoted kindness on my platform and more than every I think we need to shower this world with love. I wanted to do something different for today’s blog post and even though I don’t think anything from this list is groundbreaking, sometimes a little reminder doesn’t hurt. Big hugs to you all!

25 Ways to be Kinder in Today’s World

1. Give a compliment to someone. It can be about their outfit, shoes, eyes, smile…try to find something about others you come in contact with and compliment them.

2. Say hello! I feel like lately with everything going on people are afraid to even say hi to others. Say hello, you have no clue what others are going through right now.

3. Be a thoughtful listener. If you ask someone how their day is, be actually be prepared to listen. We’ve gotten way too used to always being in a hurry. We have more time than ever right now, so listen to others when they are speaking.

4. Send a thinking of you text to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Times are tough right now, let the people you love know you are there.

5. Smile. Smiling is contagious, so smile. I know we are all going through things right now but try to find good in everyday and smile. It will make you and maybe someone else feel better.

6. Make peace with someone. Extend that olive branch even if you were the one hurt. Sometimes being the bigger person is more important.

7. Always say please and thank you. It’s a small gesture but a sign of respect and kindness.

8. Look for the good instead of the bad in others. In today’s world, especially on social media it seems that others are so consumed with trying to find the negative in what someone says or does. Don’t be that person. Find the good, everyone has good in them. See that, notice that.

9. Think before you speak(or post/comment). We are so wired to want instant gratification that we sometimes don’t look at the bigger picture. You are allowed to have an opinion, but please lose the sense of entitlement that everyone needs to hear it. If your thoughts are not kind or necessary, maybe just keep them to yourself.

10. Pay it forward. Pick up the order behind you in drive through, leave the vending machine paid for, give a homeless man some essentials. A good deed goes a long way.

11. Be an example to your children. Kindness is learned just like hate is learned. Talk about kindness and show kindness in their presence.

12. Tip a little extra. Uber eats, your morning coffee….give a little extra tip to show appreciation.

13. Donate. Instead of just trashing your used clothing, household essentials find out if there is a family in need that could use them or find a place that you can donate them to.

14. Send flowers to someone that is having a hard time. A lot of us are still staying home during this time and that can be hard to deal with. Send flowers to someone that is quarantined alone to make their day.

15. Order food for someone that is struggling. Place an extra favor/uber eats order for your elderly neighbor or someone you know that can use a fresh meal.

16. Drive with kindness. Yes, that means letting someone in when their blinker is on or they merge into traffic. Let’s be nice on the road.

17. Let someone cut in line at the grocery store. Such a small gesture to make someone’s day.

18. Encourage others. Maybe it’s to go for that dream job or run a little faster. We all have our own goals in life but having someone else support them can be life changing. When someone is working towards anything, encourage them.

19. Send a thank you note. This is one of those oldies but goodies that we need to start doing again.

20. Put your shopping cart away! Ugh, this is a total pet peeve of mine. When you pull up to the grocery store and there are cart everywhere when there are also cart returns everywhere. You have an extra 30 seconds, put the cart away.

21. Take better care of the environment. Recycle, don’t litter…all the things. You know what they are. It’s not always convenient, but think of your grand children and great grand children. Leave them with a beautiful earth.

22. Volunteer. There are so many organizations that need help always but especially right now. See how you can help.

23. Put your phone down. Be present, in the moment without the distraction of your device.

24. Grocery shop for someone that can’t do it for themselves. Maybe it’s the elderly, someone that’s high risk or ill. Grab some extra groceries while you are out.

25. Use your voice to stand up for others!!

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