5 Tips for Buying Pre-Loved Luxury

It is no secret that I love Luxury, that’s how LUXMommy was born. It all started with Luxury and in the last couple of years I’ve started adding more pre-loved pieces to my collection for many reasons. Whether you are looking to save a little money on something on the shelves now, searching for a discontinued piece or wanting to add something vintage to your collection pre-loved is such an amazing option. I’ve partnered with eBay to share 5 tips for buying pre-loved luxury. eBay has hand selected their top sellers in the luxury category that offer all 5 of these must haves when it comes to shopping for pre-loved luxury. Check out eBay’s selection here. Make sure to watch the YouTube video for a more in-depth into this discussion and a NEW LUXURY HANDBAG REVEAL!!


Check Reviews

I am so surprised by how many re-sellers and websites don’t have reviews or how many buyers don’t read reviews. If a seller or website doesn’t offer reviews it can be a red flag.

Return Policy

I think having the option to return or exchange adds such peace of mind. Not all of us have the ability to see handbags in person or maybe the handbag has been discontinued for years.

Authenticity Guaranteed

This should be a no brainer, but they should offer this guarantee. If they stand behind their authentication process this should be a given. When in doubt, get it authenticated. There are many options available to us as consumers. If you find that it is fake, they should offer a refund for selling you a fake.

Communicate with Seller

If there is no option to ask questions or request additional photos that’s another red flag. What if you have an issue with your order, how do you get it resolved?! Communication is important when making these larger purchases.

Photos are ALL the Actual Item

This has been huge on social media. Sellers using others photos to sell their luxury handbags. This makes me question whether all their photos are stolen or not. If you see a blogger carrying a bag in their photos, it’s stolen which then means they have no issues using stolen photos. They should have a ton of photos from every angle and they should ALL be of the actual item listed.


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