Eyelash Extensions FAQ + Tips

eyelash extension tips and tricks

I’ve had eyelash extensions for over 4 years now. They’ve only come off once, last year when we went into lock down. It’s the one beauty maintenance that I won’t give up. I could give up facial, nails, etc. but I wouldn’t give up eyelash extensions. They are that good, at least for me. I asked y’all on Instagram what questions you had about eyelash extensions and I’ve answered them all below. I want this to be a place I can continue to refer to so I will update this with additional questions over time. Let’s jump in.

Eyelash Extensions FAQ + Tips

Can you wear liquid eyeliner with eyelash extensions?

I do not recommend it. Can it be done, of course, but if you want your lashes to last I wouldn’t. I also think it will make it difficult to keep your lashes clean along the lash line, which would be awful over time. If you need to clean really close to the lash line I’d use something like this to clean that area.

What length do I get?

I get 13’s. It’s long enough but not too long. I also need a little length since I have smaller eyes especially when I smile.

How to choose a length?

Trial and error. Length is preference so I’d start with 12 or 13’s and decide if you like that length or not. I tried 12’s first but wanted a little more. 13’s are the perfect size for me, so I’ve been getting that length for a while now.

How to prevent fallout?

Fallout is normal, so don’t be alarmed. There also isn’t a specific amount of fallout to look for. Everyone’s growth cycle is different. To prevent any unnecessary fallout I recommend brushes your lashes twice a day(in the morning and before bed). Here are some things not to do: don’t rub your lash line, don’t sleep on your lashes, don’t pull them of course and don’t use oils on them. So, keep face oils, oily cleansers, etc. away from them. Also, the first 24-48 hours is important. Do not get them wet so the glue can set. The better they set the longer they will stay for that particular refill.

What style lashes do I get?

I currently get the hybrid style eyelash extensions. It’s my personal favorite but I do switch between hybrid and regular sometimes. It depends on who/where I am going. I don’t go to one specific person like I used to last year or actually the year before. But, my favorite is 13 in a hybrid style. I also like the inner corner to be short as possible, usually 8’s.

How often do I get a refill?

Right now I try to get and eyelash extension refill every 2 weeks, but I don’t think this is necessary for everyone. I would say to expect to go every 3-4 weeks. Anything after 4 weeks will be almost a new set. If you want to always look full and fresh, I’d say 2-3 weeks is the sweet spot.

How do you remove makeup without the extensions falling out?

Since I don’t apply any eyeliner it’s pretty easy to remove makeup with eyelash extension in. I will use my cleansing balm and massage it around the lashes. Then I will wash my face like normal but cleaning on top and underneath the extensions. Once my face is mostly clean I will use a little of the face wash I am using and clean the lashes gently. I clean under and on top of them going with the hairs. It’s actually really easy and now something I do automatically.

What cleanser do I use to wash them?

I just use my normal face wash. Not a specific one, just whatever face wash I am using at that time. You don’t need to use a specific extension cleanser unless you just prefer to. I personally don’t think it’s necessary. If you want to try an extension cleanser, I found this one with great reviews on amazon.

Are eyelash extensions worth the money?

I think they are, but I’m also not blessed with long/thick lashes naturally. If you have amazing lashes, then I’d say no. Find a great mascara and you’re good. BUT, if you need a little help I highly recommend them.

Are they always full or sometimes not as full after a refill?

Sometimes I feel like there aren’t as full as other times after a fresh refill but IMO that has more to do with the technician than your fallout cycle. When I had the same personal consistently they always looked the same after a fresh refill. They will of course loose fullness after a refill until your next refill. That is why I like to go every two weeks so I keep that super full look.

Can you use mascara with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can but make sure it doesn’t have oil and isn’t waterproof. You want to use one that rinses easily with water and mild soap. The harder you have to wash them the more they will fall out.

Are eyelash extensions comfortable?

At this point I don’t even feel like I am wearing them. I’ve had them so long they just feel like my own natural eyelashes. So, yes, I’d say they are very comfortable.

Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as a yes or no. If I removed my extensions today would my lashes be as long as full as they were 4 years ago, no. Why, because they’ve been carrying the weight of extensions so the growth cycle is different. They of course fall out sooner than prior to extension since they are carrying the extra weight. Which means my lashes would need some time to recover. That could take 6 months or more to get back to my normal cycle pre-extensions. So, do they “ruin” my natural lashes I guess so, but it’s temporary. That is assuming you have technicians that know what they are doing and don’t actually ruin your lashes. Make sure you are going to someone reputable.

Does the eyelash extension glue irritate your eyes?

No, I don’t. BUT, about a year into getting eyelash extensions I did have some issues. I am sure they had switched glues and that particular glue was more irritating to me. It was temporary and didn’t last long at all. Currently I have zero irritation. With that said, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Everyone’s body is different and if you irritation I would recommend having them removed or ask if they offer a sensitive glue.

How long are refill appointments?

Eyelash extension refill appointments last about an hour. A full set can last up to two. It all depends on how many individual lashes you have and how full you are wanting. I’d expect an hour for every refill.

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