My Favorite Lip Combo + A Beauty Secret

My Current Fav Lip Combo + A Beauty Secret

Hey y’all! Today I am sharing my current favorite lip combo plus a little beauty secret I have been doing recently! 

Lip Liner

The first step with this lip combo is to do the lip liner.  I love this lip liner for so many reasons! I use the color PillowTalk and it is perfect. The formula is so creamy and velvety. It leaves a matte satin finish.

Lip Stick

The second step is the lip stick. I wear the color, Almost Bare. This is one of my favorite formulas. It is very creamy and comfortable on the lips and has long wear. It is also very hydrating which is great for long wear or if you have dry lips!

Lip Gloss

The last step is the lip gloss. I love this lip gloss so much and I wear the color, Seduction. It is such a great compliment to the line and lipstick. It leaves you with a nice shine on your lips and it is formulated for long wear!

Now I have a little lipstick hack that I learned from a make up artist to share with you guys! After you have applied the liner, lipstick and the gloss, grab your concealer! Take the smallest amount of concealer and just barely dab it right in the middle of your bottom lip and then rub your lips together to blend it out. I know this probably sounds weird, but trust me you guys, it looks so good! It gives an almost ombré effect to your lips and you will love it!

Thanks for stopping by y’all! Let me know if you try the lipstick trick and let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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