Hair Care Must Haves

I get asked all the time about my hair care must haves and what I use on my hair. So, today we are going to talk about all the products I use on my hair. I separated the products into three categories….Wash, Smooth and Style. Keep in mind, I DO NOT use all of these products at one time, but these are the products I reach for when fixing my hair depending on the style I am working on. Also, since I started adding a touch of color to my hair these products have helped keep it looking smooth and shiny. Speaking of, if you are in the Houston/Katy area check out my girl Riley, she’s amazing with hair. She does my cut and color. She’s the best IMO, no joke.

Hair Care Favorites – Wash

1 & 2 are my favorite Shampoo and Conditioner of life. Seriously, I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner on and off since junior high and I still keep going back to it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found others that I love too, but this one will always be an OG favorite. A newer discovery is this mask(#3) by the same line. It can be used in place of your conditioner in the shower for a boost of hydration. It’s a new must for me. Last but not least is #4. I recently started using this when I added a little touch of balayage to my hair to protect, repair and strengthen my hair. If you have damaged or color treated hair, it’s a must. Also, if you are looking for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner I recently added this one to my shower and love it. It’s pricey so I save it for special occasions, but I do like it.

Hair Care Favorites – Smooth

One of my favorite finishing sprays(#1) is this oil spray. It’s been in my cabinet since I discovered it almost a year ago and it’s not going anywhere. It leaves the perfect layer of shine, but don’t use too much or you’ll look oily. Shine good, oily bad! My current go-to style oil is #2. I add this to my damp hair before blowdrying. It’s adds hydration before you dry to keep it your hair smooth. I like to mix #2 with #3 before I blow dry. This styling cream has been my favorite cream to run through roots to ends for a smooth blowout. #4 can be added to any styling products. It works as a serum for your hair to help with fly aways, breakage and more. It’s a newer product for me, but I’ve already seen a difference. Last but not least, #5, has been a favorite of mine for years. I use this as a finishing smoother. When all the styling is finished I run one or two pumps of this down the bottom half of my hair for a lightweight shine.

Hair Car Favorites – Style

We can’t have a hair care favorites without mentioning my newest gadget, #1. This blowdryer is seriously amazing. Yes, it’s a total splurge but I love it. It cut down on drying time, my hair isn’t as frizzy after a blowout and it feels so smooth after(that’s without products). Another must for me is a wide tooth comb, #2. It cuts down on breakage, especially when combing wet hair. If you’re looking for a heavy duty dry shampoo, this one(#3) does the trick. It works on my worst hair days. If you’re looking for more of a lightweight dry shampoo #4, this one is a good one. Pricey, yes, but it works without the heavy feeling on the scalp. When it comes to adding texture, #5 and #6 are my go to. I don’t use them together but they both do a great job creating volume and texture. #5 is great for up-do, shorter styles and more concentrated volume areas. #6 is great for all around texture throughout. I love and use both.

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  1. These pictures are too stinking cute 🙌🏼😍you look so beautiful in all of them😍L💖VE your hair I wish I had hair like yours🙌🏼mine is naturally curly and I constantly straighten it. It’s a 10 works amazing. I’ll have to try some of these products.

  2. I’ve told you about 1000x how much I love your hair! The dyson was defiantly worth the splurge and I cannot imagine my mornings with out it.

    PS. I love your hair 🌸🌷

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