Everyday Makeup Routine

I’ve been wanting to put together an everyday makeup routine, it’s been a while. I get asked all the time about my makeup and I guarantee it’s the same thing everyday. When it comes to makeup I am a creature of habit. I tend to find my favorites and wear those for weeks or even months. Especially when it comes to foundation and concealer. I have my favorite(s) for sure. I currently only wear ONE concealer and I rotate between 3 foundation. Today I am sharing my MOST USED foundation!




I don’t know why but my skin doesn’t love foundation so they don’t always work for me. I tend to get cakey fast or it just sits on top of my skin. This Clinique foundation is so good. I am shade CN40. I will say though, I’ve never actually been matched but this one looks great from what I can tell. The coverage is buildable and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It blends nicely and sets for all day wear. Even though it has SPF 15 I still recommend putting a sunscreen underneath it. I highly recommend this foundation.


I used to be so against loose powders. I just didn’t love the whole application and I felt like they were so messy. Not anymore. This CT loose powder is one of the best powders I’ve found. The packaging is also travel friendly since you can close the top. So, no more messy loose powders. I feel like this powder gives an airbrush finish. It can also be used underneath the eyes, which is HUGE for me. I don’t bake but I do like to set just a touch under the eye and this powder works great. I am shade 2 fair medium.

Pressed POWDER

If you can’t do the loose powder, this is the pressed powder version that I love too. It’s compact and great for travel too. The formula is very similar to the loose one. You will still get that airbrush finish just in a compact. I personally love applying this one with a brush too but you can do a poof for a little more coverage. I am shade 2 medium.


This might be my favorite step when it comes to makeup. It just gives your face life!! I started using this bronzer a few months ago and am still love it. It’s my current go to. It gives that perfect sun-kissed glow that I love and is perfect for Spring and Summer. I have the shade capri coast.


I love having a variety of blush options BUT if I could only keep one it would be this one. I have it in a couple of colors but I am specifically referring to the shade first love. It brightens up the face and adds this subtle highlight. It’s the prettiest shade if you have similar skin-tone as me. Trust me, you will love this one.


I tend to buy setting sprays often, because I am always looking for THE ONE!! It’s this one y’all! It’s such a great setting spray. I notice a difference in my makeup by the end of the day when I use this setting spray. I also love that it doesn’t have a strong smell or feel sticky on the face.


The perfect nude lipliner(shade pillow talk) is a must when doing a full face. I love this formula but the color is also perfection. It’s the perfect blend of pink and brown tones to really compliment any lipstick or gloss. It’s my go to!


Are y’all sick of hearing about this lipstick?! I am not, because it’s that good. This lipstick has been part of my everyday makeup routine for years at this point. I love the formula, it feels really comfortable on the lips. BUT, shade Almost Bare is seriously EVERYTHING!! It’s my all time fav nude shade. Just like the liner above, it’s the perfect blend of pink and brown. It’s such a flattering color and you’ll love the formula too!


It’s not often that I can find a palette that has everything I need for a full eye look. This eyeshadow palette one has it all. I love the compact size and creamy but super blend-able formula. I also love that this palette gives me some other options that I feel comfortable using. You can save 10% by using code AMANDA10 at checkoout.


I am a lipgloss girl for sure. If I walk out of the house bare face I still don’t forget a lipgloss. This has been a favorite lip gloss of mine for a while now. I love it in fenty glow but wear the standard size the most. It’s clear, well not mine anymore from applying it over lipstick but I love it. It adds such a high shine without all the stickiness. It’s one of the best formulas I’ve found.


I always talk about how contour is my favorite step. I should clarify. It’s my most needed step. I have a very round full face so contouring is a must for me. I am not knocking myself, it’s just my face shape, which is totally fine but I like to add a little definition for a sleeker look. This contour powder has been a go to of mine for years and I still continue to buy it. It’s the perfect cool shade to contour the entire face.


I’ve been using this concealer and ONLY this concealer for so long I don’t even remember how long it’s been. When I first purchased this concealer, I thought to myself….there is no way a concealer can be THAT good. I was wrong and here I am over 10 tubes in and I am still in love. The formula, the finish, it’s got it all. I should also mention, I have the dryest under eyes and have struggled with conealers for as long as I can remember. I don’t have that issue anymore. This one is worth every penny!! I am shade almond.


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