Sephora VIB SALE – What I Ordered

I’ve had a few people ask if I would be ordered and sharing anything from the Sephora VIB sale and I just placed my order. Here is what I ordered.

1 – My Skin has been extra dehydrated lately, so I wanted to buy a moisturizing serum to try and this one looked perfect. I actually have never tried this brand but hear great things about it, so I am looking forward to trying this. 

2 – These are a must for me, so I always try to take advantage of these sales and stock up. I ordered a couple of these to have as backups. 

3 – Another new product I’ve been wanting to try. I am however familiar with this brand and love it, but I’ve never tried a face cream. I’ve seen this one featured in a couple of youtube videos, so I hope I love it.

4 – I’ve been wanting to get a dedicated brow brush for a while. I like that this one is travel friendly and all I will need. Even though I don’t fill in my brows daily anymore I do sometimes add a little touch of color to the edges, so this will be perfect. 

5 – You guys know this is my signature scent and I’ve never bought the shower gel, so I figured I’d get it while it is on sale. I don’t see it being a daily shower gel, but for those special occasions it will be nice to have. 

6 – I love a lot of foundations, but this one is definitely a favorite and since i am out I figured I’d buy it while it was on sale. I love how natural it is.

7 – I’ve been wanting to get another good pair of tweezers. This is my favorite brand to buy and I actually think the pink is too cute. 

8 – I also must always stock up on masks and these are a favorite but they are pricey, so I try to only buy them when they are on sale. Stocking up now!!

9 – I don’t think I’ve tried this one yet, so I figured it was a good chance to give this one a try too. 

10 – This masks is also a regular and I love that it comes in a 4 pack. It’s such  great weekly mask. 

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

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