What’s in My MakeUp Bag

What’s In My MakeUp Bag

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week! I get asked all the time what I keep in my make up bag so today I am sharing a peak into what is in my on-the-go makeup bag! This is the bag I throw in my purse and take with me out for the day. 

The Blotterazzi

1. I love this little blotting blender! It comes in a cute little traveling case so it is perfect to throw into your handbag. You use it dry and it helps to re-texturize make up and absorbs oil & shine. I also like that it is reusable, you just have to clean it every so often!

Charlotte Tillbury Lustre Lip Gloss

2. I have talked about this lip gloss before so it is no surprise I keep it in my everyday bag! I use the color “seduction” and it is such a nice neutral and perfect for layering over lipstick. The formula is amazing and how shiny it makes my lips.

Jouer Travel Brush

3. This travel brush is such a travel make up bag must have! It is compact which helps it from getting smashed in your make up bag and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is perfect for reapplying product or touching up a spot!

Jouer Soft Focus Set Powder

4. A touch up powder is a must in my makeup bag. I get oily in my t-zone, sometimes all over. I love this soft focus setting powder! It smooths, hydrates and blurs for a nice finish to your make up look! I love that is is also hydrating so it is a great product to reapply throughout the day. It also has Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

Volumizing Lip Serum

5. This lip serum is one of my favs! It also adds a ton of shine minus the color. It is a great way to add a little something to an everyday make up look or to freshen up your look of the day!

Native Travel Deodorant

6. How cute is this mini deodorant? I always like to keep a travel deodorant with me in case I need to freshen up or if I just totally forgot to put any on! I love Native because it is an all natural deodorant and aluminum free. The mini is an add-on on their website, so you just have to search mini when you are shopping their site!

Chanel Travel Perfume

7. This twist & spray travel perfume set is one of my favs! I love that I can keep my luxury fragrance with me and don’t have to worry about it breaking or anything. This set comes with an extra refill too. It is another thing to keep in your on-the-go make up bag to make freshening up so much easier!

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you keep in your everyday make up bag in the comments below!

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