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With everyone home during this time I thought I’d share a few pieces that I recommend you add to your home gym to stay active. It’s so important that even though we can’t get the gym we do a little something. I have a gym in my garage but recently decided to add a space upstairs that I could workout inside(can’t complain about the weather) and I love it. I have these 5 items plus an elliptical and it’s all I need to get a full body workout in without even walking outside.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a must. We have several. They are great to mark stations and then put away at the end of the workout. This one was so affordable and comes with the carrying strap.

Weight Set

A small weight set it a must have too. This set is so affordable and a great addition to your at home gym. You may eventually want to add some 10’s but these will get you started. Oh, and they take up very little room…bonus!


My newest addition to my home gym is this kettlebell, which I also happen to be giving away. Check out my Instagram to win one. I love that it’s adjustable which means it can be used for so many different exercises and different weight goals too. A turn of the dial makes it go from 8-40lbs which makes it space saving and perfect for your at home gym.

Foam Box

This was one of the first things I put upstairs, after my elliptical, and I love it. Another versatile item in your at home gym. I use it for push ups, box jumps, tricep dips and the list goes on. It’s the biggest of the bunch but so useful.

Resistance Bands

Another affordable and versatile must have for your at home gym are resistant bands. So much versatility, especially when you get a set like this. You can use them when working out alone or with a partner too!


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