Hair Wash Routine

hair wash routine

I’ve had a lot of requests to share my hair wash routine. Just a warning, it’s a lot and a pretty involved process. Keep in mind I only do this full hair wash routine once per week. I typically wash 1-2 times per week so my hair needs a lot of TLC by the time hair washing day comes around. If I was twice in one week I will most likely do a scaled down version of this and just the full routine once a week. It’s a lot of product but in most cases it’s a one or the other not a you need it all. I just like to have options!

I also want to mention that I have only been doing this for about 3 months so my hair and scalp is still adjusting. My plan is to try this for a few more months. My goal is to consistently wash only once per week. Even if I am not able to get down to once per week I will still continue to stick to about 2 times per week. I have already noticed a HUGE difference in my hair in the last couple of months just from this routine. So, let’s get started.

Hair Wash Routine

Night Before

Hair wash routine prep starts the night before. Since I only wash 1-2 times per week my ends and scalp need a lot of TLC. First things first, I like to treat my scalp. There are two scalp treatments that I like. This one is a multi-peptide serum for hair density. Apply it to dry scalp. Then I’ll use this scalp massager to massage it into the scalp. I also like this scalp and hair concentrate that you can apply to wet or dry hair. I don’t typically use both, it’s one or the other. If my hair is wet though, I will use this one.

Once my scalp serum is all massaged in I start on my ends. Since I haven’t conditioned my hair in 3-7 days depending on how many times I am washing that week my ends are usually pretty dry. They need a lot of hydration and I want it to sit and soak overnight. I have 4 different oils that I like to use. Do I think you need them all, no but I personally love mixing them all together. I like to mix Marula, Squalene, Argan and Castor. Your hair is going to be oily, but I just put it in a low braid and it’s fine. You can also sleep in a silk cap if you prefer. Your ends need to soak up all those oils and re-hydrate.

Before Washing

Hair washing day means I will most likely get in and out of the shower a couple of times. The first time I get in the shower I will just do it to get my hair wet and then towel dry. Yes, it still will have the product from the night before, it’s fine. Then apply a hair mask. You can totally skip this step it you are in a hurry but if I have time and if I only washed once that week I don’t skip this step. Apply a mask and leave it about 30 minutes. Then right before I get back in the shower(after the mask has set) I will apply this scalp cleansing oil and massage in with the scalp massager.

In the Shower

Now, it’s time to get to cleaning and you’ve got a lot to clean. There is a lot of build up on your hair and scalp from the week but you also need to remove the products you just added so first up is a good detox shampoo. I love this one and this one. Again, one or the other, not both. I just like to have options. Spend your time on this. Use the scalp massager, let it sit and be gentle on your roots. Do not apply shampoo to your ends. Shampoo should only be applied to the roots and massaged into your scalp. Your ends will get clean in the rinsing process.

Next we will use your regular shampoo. I love this one from Olaplex and this one from Pureology. Again, be gentle but massage into the scalp with this brush. The cleansing process is important so your wash will last longer. I noticed when I spend more time on the shampoo step my hair and scalp look better longer. Then Rinse thoroughly.

Get as much of the water out as possible. You want it to be almost towel dried to apply this mask. This isn’t a typical mask as in hydration. It’s a bonding mask. It will repair and protect your hair. Apply this like lotion all over and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. You can either get out of the shower and come back later or use this time to wash your body, shave, etc. Once it’s been at least 10 minutes just rinse like normal. Your hair will not feel hydrated yet.

The last step in the shower is conditioner, I use this one from Olaplex or this one from Pureology. I like for my conditioner to sit a few minutes as well but keep in mind you ONLY APPLY TO THE ENDS!!! This is key. You do not want to add any hydration or heavy products near your roots. This will weigh down your hair and make your roots oily faster. I apply from my ponytail down and that’s it. Rinse and towel dry.

Out of the Shower

Once I am out of the shower I will add this scalp treatment to keep my scalp cleaner longer. And, this oil on my ends. It helps lock in my conditioner but it also works as a heat protectant.

It’s a lots of products but you don’t need them all, I just like to have options. Start small and slowly add more to your routine if you want more. It’s a lot but remember I am only doing this full routine once per week and then I typically do a quicker version if I wash twice that week. It’s not as hard as it seems and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my hair since I started this routine. My hair is softer, silkier and has grown insanely fast.


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